The Other Black Bike This site is an electronic journal of sorts to document the build of what has been coined as

"The Other Black Bike"

by Jacob Hinsey and the folks at Bad Dad Custom Motorcycle Finishes in Fort Wayne, IN. Thanks guys I could not have done it without you, and I look foward to our next project together.
This project started out one cold and rainy morning back in February of 2006. I had been dragging my brother around for weeks trying to find the perfect Harley Davidson to start a project that until then had only been images floating around in the fog of my mind. If he would have asked, I would have denied being blind to the process that we were about to embark on, though it quickly became apparent that I was. You see this was not my first motorcycle as I had owned a few metric cruisers over the previous years, but this was my first Harley Davidson.
"If you have to ask then you would not understand..."
I never truly understood this statement until I got done building my dream bike in late 2007. As I started to reflect back on all of the blood, sweat, tears and countless individual projects that it took to build this machine I started to realize that it isn't the bike that draws everyone in, it is the camaraderie and friendships that you make along the way. I can't count how many friends that I have made in this journey from Jacob and Derk at Bad Dad whom I have never met face to face, but would consider true friends, to the people all across the US who were willing to hand out a spare part that they have laying around or to spend time on the phone with us at all hours when we just couldn't figure it out on your own.
Lastly I got to spend one year seven months and nineteen good, and sometimes frustrating days with my twin brother / best friend building what we believe to be the baddest bagger in Texas, and for that I would give it all up and, with him, do it all over again tomorrow.

This bike and site are dedicated to him, and yes it turned out just like I wanted. You ready to do it all over again, and start riding?
The Other Black Bike